We are Stalwart Selling. We are your partner in sales success. We help you plan, prepare for and reach your sales and financial goals; so you have the resources to be who you are meant to be.  Founded on proven sales principles and techniques that increase sales and shorten your sales cycle, this means you sell more in less time. 

This resource site is specifically designed to help true sales professionals focus on and create a life-style; to plan a style of living, then support it with a long term, crazy successful, sales career. 

Three decades of research prove that the way to a happy, sustainable, successful sales career is to create a purpose for it; a lifestyle that justifies your efforts and inspires continual personal and professional effort and growth. 

We are more than consultants and trainers, we are your community. We reveal the truth about selling; everything your old boss didn’t tell you. Go have some fun. Enrich your life. Take vacations. Spend time with your family. Be with your kids as they grow up — AND do your work, be 111%, in everything you do. A division of Stalwart Sales Training and Consulting, Stalwart Selling is one of Tania Cazin’s “personal passion projects.” 

The 12-Step Stalwart Selling System creates an exceptional income which makes everything you need and want possible. That is our purpose. Is it yours? If so, welcome.