“After a few weeks, my sales increased dramatically. Not only did I have my employer wondering what had changed, I increased my commission and paycheck. My sales grew 700%!” 

Elizabeth N., Event Sales


“We were hesitant to change our process but after Tania’s 3-day training class, the 12-Step Stalwart Selling System® made so much sense that it would have been silly not to implement it. Our guys sell more effectively because of it.” 

Shaun D., HVAC Dealer

“After just one day of Tania’s training, my sales jumped 250% (in the first week!).  I sold more product than any of the other reps – including those who had been around a lot longer than I.” 

Stacy N., Household Supply Sales

“Our partnership with Tania has increased sales by 400% and continues to grow every day. We couldn’t be happier!” 

Sundar S., Financial & Credit Repair Services

“Tania has helped my company reach amazing success and I couldn’t be happier. Her drive and confidence is off the charts and I highly recommend her to anyone. Be prepared to let go and let her help you, her system is amazing.” 

Brad H., Advertising Sales

“I closed 2 out of 3 loans, right out of the gate, with the customized script Tania wrote for me. She also taught me how to execute it with the right tonality. Excellent training!” 

 Preston S., Mortgages


“We finally have an organized AND duplicatable sales process!”

Donnell B., Finance & Credit Repair

“Tania gave me a full strategy on what to say, how to say it, and how to navigate difficult gatekeepers. It was amazing. I immediately saw my results change and everything she told me was 100% spot on. 

Justin G., Marketing Sales

“I feel revitalized!”  

Michael R., Software Solutions

“Tania used her systems and processes to extract the detail about each one of our offerings into a clear, concise format. She then helped us with some scripts as well as a couple of tools to help shorten our sales cycle.” 

Ali F., Technology

“I made two new sales with Tania’s closing techniques immediately after training. I couldn’t be happier!”


Liz L., Comfort Specialist, HVAC


“Tania is brilliant and was a huge help to me and my business. She will give you tools to help you work on yourself as well as techniques for effectively making others excited about your product or service. Tania’s advice is invaluable.” 

Diana B., Jewelry Sales

“We’ve done all the sales trainings in our industry – literally, and Tania was able to bring us a new and fresh perspective on selling. She made learning fun!” 

Jessie R., Roofing Industry

“She brought great perspective, skills, industry knowledge, and overall engaging content and discussion to our event.”  

Thang H., Event Organizer

“Tania’s approach is to be positive, to empower, to challenge, to be creative, and to have a healthy disregard for the impossible. She is an excellent communicator and has a healthy obsession for delivering value, excellence and results to her clients while encouraging them to swing for the fences in the pursuit of success.  

Stuart L., Author, Tedx Speaker

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