Trade Show Exhibits & In-Store Demonstrations

Are you having fun getting leads and signed purchase orders? Or do you sit back waiting for passersby to stop and say “Hey, I want to hear all about your products and services!”

Is the purpose of your booth to sell?  Generate leads?  Both?  Turn traffic your way! Stand out from your competitors.  Transform trade show passersby into qualified leads and purchase orders.

The most successful exhibitors, those who generate the most leads and get the most PO’s, don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen, they step forward and make things happen.

How do you grab those walking by and bring them into your booth? How do you get them to stop, look and listen – interact, participate and buy?  Stalwart Sales has created a trade show system that reaches out and pulls customers in so you are not left sitting idly in the shadows.

In her fifteen years of trade show experience, Tania set booth sales records for all kinds of products and services – up to ten times higher than her closest colleagues. Learn the secrets that propel you to the next level. Trade show booth training includes everything from in-store demonstrations to large national and international trade show exhibits. Design or revamp your booth set-up. Learn creative, interactive, fun approaches that reach out to attendees, capture more leads and get more signed orders.

Follow-up training is available. Learn to make the most of your leads and strengthen the relationship from trade show purchase orders.

After just one day of Tania’s training, my sales jumped 250% (in the first week!).  I sold more product than any of the other reps – including those who had been around a lot longer than I.” ~ Stacey A. (product-based booth)

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