Dial For Dollars ~ Outbound Phone Skills and Scripts.

Cold calling…Sounds really… well…cold, doesn’t it… Brrrrr-r-r-r-r! At Stalwart Sales, we teach you how to how to turn cold calls into hot calls. Making a cold call – a call to someone who doesn’t expect your call, someone who doesn’t know you, is often seen as the toughest thing to do in business. You have just a few seconds to grab their attention and if you don’t, guess what happens? They either say they’re not interested or they hang up on you. With the right script, we teach you how to get more “Yes, I’d love to know more,” and less …. dial tone.

All scripts are not created equal. Following an in-depth discovery process, we create customized phone scripts that effectively get your message across, overcome objections/customer concerns, get past gate-keepers and directly to decision makers. We help you set-up the appointment and make the sale. Our scripts are based on proven behavioral psychology. We teach you how to execute with effective vocal variety. They are persuasive, easy to follow, and geared to handle whatever comes back at you from the other end of the line.

The best part? Our script design and training makes you sound like you are having a casual but professional conversation, and not reading from a script.

Even with all the wonderful, amazing electronic means at our disposal, the personal phone call, chat, presentation, proposition – the real live conversation with one who is in position to make a buying decision – can never be replaced. It is, and always will be, a critically important part of the selling process.

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